I am a dyslexic Gemini, so it comes as no surprise that words are not my main means of communication. But I was lucky enough to spark my creative urge very early in life and from the age of four made clothes for all my dolls and teddies and by ten I was making them for myself.

I had a career in costume design for television, film and theatre, after attending Wimbledon School of Art and subsequently working with such greats as Alan Bates, Sir Laurence Olivier and Benny Hill.

My son is a gallerist, curator, writer and Cambridge First, while my father, mother, brother and uncle all architects.

Art became my greatest friend, the voice at the back of my mind, and the translator of my spirit.

I entered the world of flowers, landscape, nature and animals which surrounds me on the walks with my Irish terrier, transporting me to another world. 

It's a journey for me, every step an adventure, the first steps influenced by Mapplethorpe, O’Keeffe and Tanning.

Every painting throws a magic dust and light on a hall of secrets. I do not know where each painting will end and I know its finished when I feel someone else has painted it.

I fall down a hole of self. Trying not to take myself too seriously on the way!

You will notice my signature on my paintings is a red square, a Chinese Seal, which means my name in Chinese, Rúyì.

Left: studio photograph of the artist, courtesy Antonia Deutsch