Having had a long and successful career as a costume designer for television, film and theatre, springing from Wimbledon School of Art, I turned to painting.

My father, mother, brother and uncle all architects, my son a gallerist, curator, and writer. So no surprises art became my greatest friend.

My practise is driven by my love of nature, animals and plants. Nature surrounds me on the walks with my dog, and transports me to another world. Nature is the voice at the back of my mind, and the translator of my spirit.

Its a journey of challenge in technique, a hall of secrets. I have to stop a painting when I feel someone else has painted the picture. That is when I know the work is finished. It’s like falling down a hole of self while trying not to take myself too seriously on the way.

What does it give the audience? I hope, simply pleasure, a wish to look further.

The signature on my paintings is a red square, a Chinese Seal, which means my name in Chinese, Ruyi = Louise. An old keep sake from a film in Singapore many years ago.